December 19, 2008

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A Slovenian steel-fabricator in conjunction with local research centers developed a quality control system for an architectural sandwich panel production line. Previous quality inspections took place through destructive testing a couple of times a day. This is not an efficient or accurate method of control, and often errors our found too late, sometimes after the product is shipped to the field.

The development team devised a system of triangulation lasers and a “learning algorithm” that increases reliability over time. The system is working thus far, and any problems or defects found can be corrected immediately.

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December 18, 2008

Market research company “Research and Markets”, has released the latest edition of their directory of sandwich panel manufacturers in USA and Canada. If you are interested in this, you can buy an electronic or hard copy from their website, although it will cost 950 euros…

The other option is searching the free listing of all global sandwich companies on Sandwich Company Resource page.

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December 9, 2008

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Honda Aircraft has been showing off their new ultra-efficient business jet for sometime now, and they are finally nearing FAA certification and full production. The sleek jet is taking pride in its fuel efficiency claiming 15-20% better then similar jets.

Like most new lightweight aircraft, the HondaJet is making full use of composite sandwich structures. In fact, there are claims that Honda cures the entire fuselage at one time in an autoclave…

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December 1, 2008

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A fishery management company is launching a processing plant in Kuwait, and is in interested in receiving quotes for sandwich paneling for the following:

Chiller Room Area Volume = 48M³ – 10cm thickness
Blast Frozen Area Volume = 376M³ – 15cm thickness
Processing Area Volume = 650M³ – 5cm thickness
Cold storage area = 440M²

For contact information, please email:

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