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April 30, 2009

Question for the Sandwich Panel Community

The following question was submitted by a company in India, if you have any suggestions or advice, please post them in the comments below…

PUR Core Sandwich Panels produced in a discontinuous process using Stainless Steel or Prepainted Steel skins when used in Freezer Rooms or Cold Rooms with sub zero temperature conditions for a prolonged period of over 3-5 years, show signs of delamination of the Core, and also shrinkage. What is the reason and how to avoid this kind of problems?

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  1. The Shrinkage of the Sandwich panel in my opinion is caused by incorrect ratio of Polyol and MDI, this would cause bad cross linking of the chemicals and make unstable PU foam.
    Also stainless steel and other pre painted metals should have a good primer for the PU to adhere to for maximum lamination strength, normally 7 or 10 micron grey polyeter primer paint. The shrinkage of the foam will produce large stresses in the bond between core and facing and the panels can delaminate.
    The solution would be to check with the supplier of the chemicals to confirm the correct ratio between PU and MDI for the foam you want to make and to fully check the pumps and application system to ensure that the correct ratio of PU and MDI is mixed and dispensed.

    Comment by paneltec — May 1, 2009 @ 12:41 am

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