6th August
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A Global 500 company is searching for a “material with high-strain rate ductility at low-temperatures and the ability to be powder cast.” This material must be able to be laminated to a foam core material without a need for surface treatment.

More information here.

20th July
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New to SandwichPanels.org is an online store. Currently offered are continuous fiber reinforced polypropylene sandwich panels and structural polyurethane foam, made from renewable sources. Click here to visits the Sandwich Panel Store, and check back soon as we will constantly be updating our product offerings.

14th July
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The following question was submitted by a user, if you have any thoughts or solutions, please post in the comments.

“I am looking for rigid arched roof panels to span 9 ft 2 in, with an 18 inch rise, preferably flat or non corrugated, I understand some composite arched roof panels can be made rigid enough to not need roof joists, yet handle a 60 lb snow load.”

8th July
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A company based in West java, Indonesia is in need of sandwich panels. If you or your company can provide panels to this region of the world, please email: info@sandwichpanels.org for contact details.

22nd June
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A customer in New York is in need of insulated concrete sandwich panels for a residential building. She would prefer that the manufacturer be located near by to reduce transportation impact.

If you are are a manufacturer or supplier of such panels, please email info@sandwichpanels.org for the contact information.

Photo Credit: Concrete Forms

1st May
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MecTecno, Italian based manufacturer is planning to invest around $7 million into upgrading its Chennai, India facility and opening a new plant in the north or western part of India.

The company has been manufacturing sandwich panels in India since 2007, primarily for the prefab industry. The company has invested $10 million in the Chennai, India sandwich structure facility thus far.

The sandwich panel market in India is estimated at $120 million, and is expected to grow 10-15%.

More Information:


Business Standard

30th April
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The following question was submitted by a company in India, if you have any suggestions or advice, please post them in the comments below…

PUR Core Sandwich Panels produced in a discontinuous process using Stainless Steel or Prepainted Steel skins when used in Freezer Rooms or Cold Rooms with sub zero temperature conditions for a prolonged period of over 3-5 years, show signs of delamination of the Core, and also shrinkage. What is the reason and how to avoid this kind of problems?

13th April
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A metal works company in Misurata, Libya is in need of a quote for the aluminum composite sandwich panels of the following specifications:

- Core 75mm
- Outside skin thickness 0.70 mm
- Inside skin thickness 0.060
- Any color

For contact information please email: info@sandwichpanels.org

Please be specific about which RFQ you are inquiring about.

4th March
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2nd March
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A large corporation in South Africa is in need of a quote for 700 square meters for insulated sandwich roof panels. In addition, a company in UAE is in need of insulated sandwich panels for a building in Dubai.

For contact information and details on either request, email: info@SandwichPanels.org

These RFQs are a free service provided by SandwichPanels.org. If you are looking to receive a quote or information on sandwich structures of any kind, please contact us, and we will post a similar RFQ for free.

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