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May 6, 2010

Composite Sandwich Panels in RVs

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Recreation vehicles, RVs, are a good indicator for the health of the economy. RV sales show strength in consumer spending, consumer confidence, and availability of financing.

Sandwich panel manufacturer AZDEL recently announced that with the recent upswing in RV demand, they have increased their capacity to 20 million pounds (100 million sqft). Source

By my calculations, this means their panels are weighing an average of 5lbs a square foot, which is a seriously robust panel… With weight being so important in transportation, perhaps new materials will soon help Azdel shed some of the extra pounds.

March 17, 2010

New Sandwich Panel Plant in Afghanistan

A reader recently wrote in:

We are launching a new sandwich panel manufacturing plant in Kabul Afghanistan. The production rate of plant is  3000m2/day. I wonder if you could help by answering questions below.

1-      Apart from specific training operators for the machine by manufacturer, what level of academicals and technical education should  they have?

2-      How many people is needed for maintenance and repairs and at what level of academics and technical education?

3-      How the management is set up?

4-      What is the complete human resources chart for such plant.

If you have any helpful information on insight to provide, please email to get in touch.

December 8, 2009

IKEA Tables are Sandwich Panels with a Honeycomb Core

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Here is a video on the manufacturing of IKEA furniture, notice the use of sandwich structures…

July 1, 2009

Sandwich Panel Production Plan

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A company called Research and Markets has announced an available business plan for purchase that will help outline what is needed to start a sandwich panel manufacturing operation. Data is included on markets, equipment, and materials.

More Info:


January 2, 2009

Russian Sandwich Panel Plant, Unharmed by Slowdown

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As most all businesses world wide are feeling the slowing economy, a Russian sandwich panel factory, seems to be unharmed. Built only a year ago, the plant is already seeing returns on its 10 million euro investment.

Full Article: Russia Today

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