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Composite Sandwich Patent Drawing
Title: Fiber-reinforced sandwich panel
United States Patent 20030091805

The present invention may be embodied in a sandwich panel having first and second face panels each having a first predetermined thickness and being formed of a fiber-reinforced cementitious material. The sandwich panel further includes support frame for supporting the first and second face panels in a spaced apart configuration.


Sandwich Drawing
Title: Semi sandwich panel
United States Patent 20030126830

The present invention relates to a semi sandwich panel in which a cores material is partially formed in a portion which needs a strength and intensity between both surface finishing materials formed of a textile for thereby implementing a certain strength and intensity of a sandwich panel, so that it is possible to obtain a certain strength and intensity as a structure member which is a feature of a sandwich panel, and the number of fabrication processes is decreased, and the fabrication cost is decreased.


Title: Honeycomb sandwich panel
United States Patent 20020012767

In a honeycomb sandwich panel having a honeycomb core, and a front surface layer and a rear surface layer sandwiching the honeycomb core on its upper and lower surfaces, at least one of the front surface layer and the rear surface layer is made of a fiber reinforced plastic using a phenolic resin as a matrix.



Sandwich Patent
Title: Sandwich panel with interior barrier
United States Patent 20070095459
Assigne: Hexcel Corporation

Composite sandwich panels that include a core having a permeable body that is sandwiched between two skins. An internal barrier is located between the skins and the core to provide an impermeable chamber surrounding the permeable core.


Title: Sandwich panel core
United States Patent 20070098960
Assignee: Airbus

The invention can be defined in its most general form as a 3-D light core from sheet material, especially from "NOMEX" polymeric paper, and can be used in production of sandwich panels as applied in aircraft production, construction and other branches of industry.


Honeycomb panel
United States Patent 20040137193

A flexible sandwich panel (100), comprised of a center layer (1) and one or two outer layers (2; 3), where the center layer is made of a polymeric synthetic material, is itself flexible and exhibits a coarse-cell honeycomb structure with open cells (4) in the direction of the upper and lower side of the center layer.


Panel Wall
Title: Sandwich panel-type wall construction
United States Patent 20050166520

The invention relates to a sandwich panel-type wall construction comprising an upright framework (1). Two parallel lateral walls (57) are solidly connected to said upright framework (1) on either side thereof.


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