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August 13, 2010

X-Prize Cars Use Composite Sandwich Panels

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In the quest for 100+ mpg cars, the weight needs to decrease, and it is no suprise composites will help do this. reports on Aptera’s new concept car and it notes that they are using composite sandwich panels in the construction.

Last I heard, Aptera was one of the final nine cars still in the running for the Automotive X-Prize competition. Good luck Aptera, if you win, I am sure it is because of the composite sandwich panels…

July 17, 2009

How to make a composite sandwich structure (Sailboard)

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Above is a short video about how a composite sailboard is made, quite interesting… Notice that this sporting good is actually a complex composite sandwich structure made with various layers of material, and molded with precision.

May 19, 2009

SAMPE Composites Show

The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) annual conference is currently in process in Baltimore, MD. So far there have been a few highly informative conference sessions. In the exhibit hall, there seems to be a fair amount of foreign companies in attendance. Overall, the general feeling observed is that the start of 2009 was extremely slow for composite processing, however in the last few months material orders have increased. There is an increased sense of optimism for the use of composites in wind energy, defense, infrastructure, and even aerospace. Many of which composite sandwich panels will play a role.

More info, visit SAMPE

April 15, 2009

Home-Brew Sandwich Panel Tests

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Here is an interesting article showing how one can conduct three point bending tests and flatwise tensile strength tests on a composite sandwich structure using simple workout equipment.

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November 26, 2008

Sandwich Structures in Wind Blades

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This past week in Palm Springs, CA the Fall Symposium for the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) took place. With the troubling times in financial markets, and conventional energy costs low, the renewable energy sector is due for some slowing. Regardless of the current issues, the long term future of renewable energy, and wind in particular is still extremely bright.

At the conference, a major theme was the need to continue the push of technology advancements in wind turbine systems. The use of lightweight composite sandwich structures in wind blades is already prevalent, however, advancements are still needed. It is crucial that wind blades of the future use less material, become lighter, and the manufacturing becomes more reliable and automated.

Sandwich structures and their lightweight benefits will help lead this charge. New cost effective core materials are required; these need to be lightweight and exhibit high sheer properties, but cost will be the underlying issue. E-glass is the current predominant fiber reinforcement, however hybrid fabrics using limited amounts of carbon fiber could help lower weights without adding too much additional costs.

New resin systems and production techniques will help streamline manufacturing and lower defects and voids.

Wind blade manufacturers need to turn to composite experts and begin the adaptation of advanced composites, fiber, and sandwich techniques into wind blade manufacturing.

More info:


Sandia Labs


October 13, 2008

M.C. Gill Increases Panel Capacity

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M.C. Gill Corporation recently purchased a multi-opening press that can accommodate sandwich panels up 5′ x 12′. This new press coming online should help increase their panel capacity at their El Monte, CA plant.

M.C. Gill is a major manufacturer of aerospace sandwich panels, and one of the oldest composite companies still in business.

More Info: M.C. Gill

March 27, 2008

JEC Composites Show Next Week

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Starting April 1st, the 2008 JEC composites show will kick off in Paris. Perhaps the largest composites show in the world, JEC will attract composite companies from around the globe. There is no doubt this years show will focus on energy efficiency with oil prices being at an all time high. Look for new developments in composite sandwich structures, core materials, and manufacturing techniques. Being lightweight is now, more then ever, the key to success…

For a preview on this years show visit CompositesWorld.

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